Suomi Teline Oy

Suomi Teline Oy is a Finnish company specialised in the selling, renting and installation of scaffoldings.

We are the official representative of Alfix scaffolding in Finland.

Suomi Teline offers safe, high-quality, tailor-made, cost-effective and efficient scaffolding solutions for various needs. Compliance with current laws and regulations is a matter of honour to us. Safety is a core value of our company. We aim to achieve a ‘zero accident level’ for our customers. We are well accustomed to operating in dangerous working environments, harsh weather conditions and remote locations.

Suomi Teline rents user-friendly modular scaffoldings produced by the world-leading scaffolding manufacturer Alfix. Our staff consists of top experts.

Suomi Teline also offers safety and fire safety certificate training.

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