ALFIX Andamios SAS: Providing Finnish Quality Scaffolding Solutions and Value-Added Services in Uruguay


ALFIX Andamios SAS brings Finnish scaffolding expertise and German scaffold manufacturing quality, efficiency and durability to the South American market.

The background influencers of the founded ALFIX Andamios SAS has been operating successfully in Uruguay for some years, and the choice of the country is no coincidence. Uruguay is a highly democratic and stable society where companies can be confident that laws are respected.

“This provides a good foundation for establishing and operating a business here in Uruguay and beyond,” says ALFIX Andamios SAS CEO Mr. Valerii.

“Many other Finnish companies have found a reliable business environment and conditions for successful cooperation in Uruguay,” he adds.

Focusing on ALFIX Dealership

 ALFIX Andamios SAS is ready to serve, powered by experience from hundreds of projects and partnered by the most innovative scaffolding manufacturer on the market. The company, established in a new market area, is new, but its know-how is backed by a leading Finnish scaffolding and weather protection solution expert, Suomi Teline. ALFIX Andamios SAS is ready to serve both local and Finnish customers with the customer friendliness, safety, adaptability and high quality that Suomi Teline is known for.

 The core of ALFIX Andamios SAS operations is the rental and sale of ALFIX scaffolding as an ALFIX dealer and partner. The shareholders and key personnel of the company have extensive experience in successful collaboration as an ALFIX dealer in Finland and Russia.

“Here in Uruguay, we have worked mostly for Finnish companies. We didn’t come to the market empty-handed but immediately had a customer that owns huge industrial facilities here.”

“The investments of our customers are huge. The factories make up 5% of Uruguay’s GDP,” the company CEO says.

Mr. Valerii, who is in charge of ALFIX Andamios SAS operations, studied in Finland and has more than ten years of diverse work experience in the construction and scaffolding business.

The most important customers and the greatest interest are currently in Uruguay. In the future, the aim is to establish a foothold in Brazil’s large markets, for example, as well as in Chile and Paraguay.

A Winning Partnership for Scaffolding Services

ALFIX Andamios SAS works closely and collaboratively with the German scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX to achieve its growth and expansion. We are now bringing best practices and top-notch expertise from Finland to new markets.

“We are ALFIX’s exclusive dealer in South America, but we have a long common history. ALFIX’s extensive support helps us serve customers optimally in all stages of their projects. ALFIX is responsible for the design of scaffolding solutions, and the necessary drawings come quickly from the factory.”

According to Mr. Valerii, ALFIX scaffolding has generated a lot of interest among potential new customers. Especially companies with European background are accustomed to relying on German quality and high safety even in scaffolding.

“German scaffolding is not yet on the market here. With ongoing large projects, we have brought many ALFIX products to the sites. Customers have been able to see their reliability and functionality. They know the quality of scaffolding coming from Germany and know that they can use them for the next 30 years and more.”

Close Cooperation to Meet Customer Needs

Mr. Valerii says that the large markets in South America and the stable operating environment in Uruguay attract investors who have previously invested in Europe and the United States. When they come to operate in the construction sector, their standards are high and they want to work only with high-quality products.

Their needs in scaffolding sales, rentals, as well as scaffolding solutions and services are met by the experienced team of Andamios SAS together with ALFIX.

There are also customers who use their own workforce and mainly want supervision – planning, consulting and training services from ALFIX Andamios SAS to ensure that the job is done safely and efficiently.

“We want to be more than a scaffolding rental company – we want to provide our customers with value-added services and the best possible solution for their needs. This requires continuous development, investment and education,” Mr. Valerii concludes.

The resources and expertise of ALFIX Andamios SAS have already been proven in large customer shutdown, maintenance and repair projects.

“Together with ALFIX, we can offer our customers fast service from a large stock. When a customer needs something special for a shutdown, for example, we can quickly provide it to them thanks to our skilled staff and warehouse.”


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