ALFIX invests in the Finnish market

Finland is an important market for the German scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX. The company has been in Finland from 2003 and at the moment ALFIX is the second most used modular scaffolding system in the Finnish scaffolding market. In January ALFIX took a new leap: The company´s official importer, Suomi Teline, hired its first ever full-time sales director, Jere Sieppo. His expertise and network enable us to grow our business in Finland and serve our customers even at a higher level.

ALFIX has cooperated with different companies in the Nordic countries. Our growth in Finland has been highly affected by the first-rate importer Suomi Teline, which has high-quality scaffolding expertise and a diverse sales warehouse located in Nurmijärvi. The CEO of Suomi Teline, Peter Korhonen, has a wide network of different companies in Finland and he has played a key role in the growth of ALFIX in Finland. The Finnish scaffolding market is hectic whereas in Germany the scaffolding market is much more stable. Suomi Teline has good contacts to Finnish customers, and business inquiries are received frequently. Success in Finland has been part of the reason ALFIX has doubled its profit from 2008 and more growth is expected.

Andreas Meier, CEO ALFIX

Our strongest assets are agility and high-quality comprehensive solutions

The main benefit for our clients is that ALFIX-scaffoldings can be assembled to our competitors´ products. Our strongest asset is agility. We have multiple engineering teams in Germany. The engineers work together with our sales team offering tailored packages to our customers. We do not only sell scaffoldings, but we also provide comprehensive solutions to our customers. We offer two different kinds of facade scaffolding systems, two modular scaffoldings, transportable scaffoldings, weather protection and multiple additional solutions. All ALFIX-products can be found on the website of ALFIX and Suomi Teline.

Latest news from our product development: Individualized QR codes to scaffoldings

Product development has always been a priority for ALFIX. When the company was founded in 1947 it operated as a family business in Frankfurt am Main. With product development new products were brought into market. It made possible to assemble ALFIX-products to products of other brands. This was a totally new way of thinking in 1990´s.

We continuously develop our products and pursue to make use of new technology. We have invested in the past years to new production spaces, 3 000 square meter building, a new system of measurement and smart technology. At the moment we are developing a system that utilizes QR code to our products. In the future it is possible to read QR codes from all scaffolding parts by using a smart phone. QR code clarifies the type, measures, price and the owner of the scaffolding part. Using the QR code the scaffolding parts can be coded to online shop. We are in the final stage of completing the product development and the new system using QR code will be launched in approximately six months.

Andreas Meier

Andreas Meier has worked as the CEO of ALFIX from 2017. He used to work as the head of German sales at ALFIX. Meier has visited Finland more than 20 times.