Peab partners with Suomi Teline for renovation of Helsinki’s city-owned rental housing

Suomi Teline has won the contractor’s trust with multiple successes in previous jobs and was selected again for the Jakomäki job site of Heka.

Peab has been contracted by the Helsinki City Housing Company (Heka) for extensive renovations of the city’s rental housing in Jakomäki. The project includes three separate rental blocks located at Jakomäentie 10 owned by the city and built between 1968 and 1969.

The contract price for the extensive renovations is €22 million. In addition to internal work, the roof structures of the residential blocks will be rebuilt completely with ventilation equipment rooms and solar panels added onto the roofs.

The project is set to be completed by the end of 2024, and Suomi Teline will provide the scaffolding and weather protection, according to Markku Mononen, supervisor at Peab. Suomi Teline is a familiar partner to him from several job sites. Before the Jakomäki renovation project, he worked with Suomi Teline at the Aleksis Kivi Comprehensive School, which received fresh plaster for its facade and a new roof covering.

“With Suomi Teline, I can be sure of what I’m getting. Working with them has been smooth and unproblematic. That’s why I wanted to use Suomi Teline in Jakomäki as well,” says Mononen.

Cooperation guarantees success

The complete package produced by Suomi Teline for the Jakomäki job site includes the installation and removal of scaffolding and weather protection as well as inspections, maintenance, and any alterations and improvements requested by the customer. The work is planned with the customer to be safe and cost-effective.

Because every site is different, Markku Mononen says he appreciates how Suomi Teline listens to the customer’s wishes carefully at the planning stage and seeks to implement them. He also highlights the importance of personal trust and the role played by Suomi Teline’s business director Ahto Pärtma in the selection of the scaffolding supplier.

“We’ve worked with Ahto on demanding and specialised sites, and our trust comes from these shared projects. We have a long relationship and mutual understanding, which matters a whole lot for success. Ahto has always been true to his word. That is why we continue to work together,” says Mononen.

Tailored and quick service

The limited space and the height of the plot and its buildings at the Jakomäki renovation site pose specific problems, but Mononen and Pärtma agree that tougher challenges have been encountered and overcome. These blocks are exceptionally large: with a length of 75 metres, the surface area of the weather protection is about 1,400 m2, and the six-storey buildings have a height of 22 metres with the weather protection included.

It is windy at the top, which the scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX has considered carefully in their calculations and the installation of the scaffolding. The height of the plot calls for extra-strong scaffolding and weather protection due to the wind conditions.

Ahto Pärtma adds that weather monitoring is included in the complete package and service provided by Suomi Teline. If stormy weather is expected, the customer will be informed, and Suomi Teline personnel will check that the equipment is safe and in good condition. The checks are repeated immediately after the storm has passed.

“At Jakomäki, the roofs of the residential buildings will be removed completely and rebuilt from the base floor up. The dry chain is important to maintain, and everything must be protected from the weather from the dismantling to the finished install,” says Pärtma.

To keep the work seamless at the cramped site, the weather protection solution is a more exotic one: the weather protection installed for the first building will be lifted to the next buildings with a crane. The rest of the site is spared the hassle involved with taking down and rebuilding weather protection. The cost and time savings from reusing weather protection will be considerable.

The scaffolding and weather protection installed for roof and balcony work were erected quickly, as requested by the customer. Because the customer prioritised completion by a certain date, Suomi Teline dedicated a lot of effort and people to the work.

In scaffolding suppliers, Markku Mononen from Peab values their ability to keep to the schedule. This is a strength of Suomi Teline, but in particular, Mononen commends the ability of Suomi Teline to quickly respond to customer requests.

“For example, if we need to open up weather protection in a hurry, Suomi Teline will send a crew promptly. Quick requests have never been a problem with them.”