Renting ALFIX scaffolding from Suomi Teline is a simple and cost-effective solution

If you need high-quality construction scaffolding material on a project-type basis, Suomi Teline’s rental service is a cost-effective solution. Suomi Teline is an official importer of European ALFIX scaffolding.

Many actors benefit from buying their own scaffolding, but if you don’t constantly need the materials, renting may be a more worthwhile alternative. Managing scaffolding materials is simple and easy when Suomi Teline delivers scaffolding to your construction site as a hassle-free turnkey solution. The turnkey solution also covers delivery and erection to ensure that the entire process is handled professionally, safely, and precisely, of course.

The advantages of renting are seen as clear cost benefits for actors such as roofing or construction companies. When you rent, material management is outsourced. If you rent scaffolding or weather protection, the costs end as soon as your need for the product ends. The customer achieves an excellent result without maintenance or warehousing costs.

Suomi Teline’s chief business officer Ahto Pärtma explains that purchased materials age and become obsolete, but when you rent, you always get the latest and most up-to-date solutions for the same cost. Scaffolding materials also wear, and can break or become lost.

Professional scaffolders are also a question of resources. If you employ them yourself, there is a risk that the scaffolding and labour are left standing around inefficiently on site. On the other hand, if the scaffolders are not your own employees, there may be shortages of professional labourers during peak season, just like there are with materials.

“The advantages of renting are clarity and cost-effectiveness. The solution is ordered for a specific site and need, so the offer lets the customer know immediately what the entire package will cost,” explains Pärtma.

A turnkey solution for any situation

In addition to high-quality materials and professional installation, Suomi Teline also provides the customer with guaranteed service in areas such as planning. The overall solution is always considered together with the customer: what kind of scaffolding does the customer need, and do they need weather protection, for example?

“We want to be involved in what the customer is doing, and we give them tips on what kind of solution would be worthwhile and effective. A professional knows how to look at the site and plan the safest and most cost-effective solution!” Ahto Pärtma promises.

Pärtma says Suomi Teline has delivered to a wide range of sites: it has designed and installed scaffolding solutions for a swimming pool, and delivered scaffolding to an island by helicopter. As an experienced service provider, new ideas and skills accumulate through doing: when you rent, you don’t just get a professional; you also get an experience.

Guaranteed precise and effective service from an official importer
Suomi Teline imports scaffolding made by ALFIX, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of construction materials. The scaffolding is one of the most commonly used modular systems on the Finnish scaffolding markets. As an official partner, Suomi Teline also has a large warehouse of ALFIX products, and additional orders can be obtained quickly and directly from the German manufacturer.

Suomi Teline also makes interaction with the scaffolding manufacturer possible. If any good ideas or needs come up, Suomi Teline can contact ALFIX’s product development directly,” says Pärtma.

“If our customers have good ideas or specific needs for one-off components, we can discuss various solutions with ALFIX’s product development. It’s always best to order specialist solutions directly from the manufacturer to ensure the safest possible solution.”