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Rent safe, construction scaffolding for any sized job from us

We offer optimal scaffold solutions for all types of jobs, big or small. Choose to either rent or buy our high-quality scaffolding, tools, or weather protection for your worksite. Our scaffolding is perfect for any industrial, facade, refurbishment and renovation projects.

We always commit ourselves to finding the best possible solutions, as well as planning and building the scaffolding to optimally match the nature of your project.

Our strengths are:


Operational Reliability

Customized Holistic Service

We make scaffold rental easier than ever

Good service and working together is very important to us. Scaffold rental is incredibly easy with us because we plan out the exact amounts of needed scaffolding for your project with the help of our accurate initial mapping and designs – free of charge.

Suomi Teline will design the project so that there will be no unnecessary material on site and so that the project can proceed unhindered. We also consider the scaffold users’ needed equipment and tools, in addition to the scaffolding. No wonder we have received praise from our customers for our very fast service and personal approach.


Alfix scaffolding is easy to install and customize

Alfix scaffolding is compiled of different easily and quickly installable components. By combining different components, we are able to construct very large structures when needed. Our Alfix scaffolding follows all current laws and regulations.

Alfix, as a whole, is built from Multi Module module-scaffolding. Module-scaffolding is easy to assemble and ensures optimal freedom of movement between different levels.

The Alfix Vario roofing-system ensures a completely weather-proof work environment which enables work to continue without interruption even in bad weather. Weather-protection also adds to the safety of work environments.

Fast timetables

Scaffold rental is possible even with a fast timetable

As we are the official importer of Alfix scaffolding, we are able to get inventory directly from the factory in Germany to the worksite. We are supported by the Alfix factory and with that comes certain benefits: we are able to get deliveries faster than others directly from the factory; likewise, we are able to get training or calculation assistance.

Scaffolding can be retrieved for your worksite from our sales inventory in Nurmijärvi, where we have an extensive selection of Alfix scaffolding. For this reason, scaffold rental can be done very quickly.

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