Scaffolding contracting companies holding their own in spite of COVID-19

This year, 2020, has been an unusual one. Suomi Teline has always aimed to be as close as possible to its clients, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to meet with them virtually and to make our site meetings seldom and compliant with physical distancing. As a company, we have wanted to protect our clients’ health and be an example in tackling the virus. We sorely hope that next year we can meet our clients more in person.

We are grateful to the Suomi Teline clients who have kept our order book full. Society also supported businesses during this difficult time, for which we are also grateful. As a company, we want to bear our corporate social responsibility and give back to Finnish society. This summer, as usual, Suomi Teline hired young people for summer work. For the sake of the future of society and of the company, it is important for young people to get a taste of working life, learn important work skills and remain fit for work, even in challenging times.

I fell ill with COVID-19 in May. Even though I did not catch the most virulent form of the coronavirus disease, it was really tough. My children have been in quarantine three times. Many of the meetings our family had planned with both relations and friends have not happened this year. The coronavirus pandemic has had a deep impact on our entire family life.

Scaffolding contracting companies are holding their own in spite of COVID-19. The future generations are the ones who will end up paying for the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the loan does not have to be repaid for many years, children and young people are already feeling the effects of the pandemic in their daily lives. The cracks in many children’s safety nets have grown larger. In the spring, schools moved to remote learning, many hobbies were put on pause, and children were rarely able to meet their grandparents. A year is a long time for a child, and children are not as able to weather crises as we adults are. I hope that society will make wise decisions with results that our children and young people can benefit from. After all, they are the future bedrock of the welfare state.

Suomi Teline looks forward to 2021 with interest. We’re ready to meet to the challenges its brings. Our motto is still: Reaching Higher!

The biggest thanks always go to our clients. Suomi Teline will do its best next year, too.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a successful new year in 2021!

Peter Korhonen
CEO, Suomi Teline