ALFIX quality

Our scaffoldings are high ALFIX-quality

We provide you with ALFIX scaffoldings, known for their high quality and durability. German made ALFIX is one of the leading scaffolding manufacturers. ALFIX is also one of the most used modular systems in the Finnish scaffolding market.

Benefits of ALFIX scaffolding

One of the strengths of ALFIX scaffolding is it´s adaptability. ALFIX scaffolding products can be assembled to the products of other manufacturers. Other assets for ALFIX products are safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness and solid quality.

All ALFIX scaffolding follow current laws and regulations.

ALFIX – Reduzier-Normalkupplung

ALFIX Modul Multi

ALFIX Modul Multi – modular scaffolds

ALFIX MODUL MULTI scaffolding system can be adapted to a very wide range of building structures.

The high-tech yet simple handling of the system enables quick, economical and versatile implementation of various scaffolding structures.

The heart of ALFIX MODUL MULTI scaffolding is in it’s the connector in the very well functioning solution came to replace the typical time-consuming tube and clam.

Benefits of ALFIX

Benefits of ALFIX

  • German-made, high-quality, modular scaffolding.
  • Fulfills all European and Finnish safety regulations.
  • Very easy, quick and safe installation because of the sturdy taper joint.
  • Horizontal joints can be done in eight different directions.
  • Modular scaffolding is easy to build and guaranteed to have easy mobility between levels.
  • Can be assembled with competitors´ products.
  • Scaffolding width 0.45 – 4.14 meters and deck length 0.73 – 4.14 meters.
  • Maximum permitted load class 6 (6.0kN/m2).
  • A wide range of products offer solutions for everyone from construction sites all the way to challenging industrial sites.
  • ALFIX MODUL MULTI scaffolding systems can be easily adapted to complex floor plans and to the different height conditions of the structures.