Scaffolding rental

Rent safe scaffolding for large contracts

Suomi Teline provides high-quality scaffolding, tools and weather protection for your site. Scaffolding which is designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals suits facade, industry, repair and new building sites.

We are committed to finding the best solutions for your project. We will design and build scaffolding to optimally suit your project.

Suomi Teline’s assets are



Customized service

We made scaffolding rental easier than ever

Great service and working together are very important to us. This is why we offer an accurate initial mapping and design with which we calculate the exact amount of equipment needed for your project – free of charge!

Suomi Teline will design the project so that there isn’t any unnecessary equipment on site and so the project can proceed unhindered. We also take into consideration the scaffold users’ needed equipment and tools, in addition to the scaffolding. Our customers have relayed their gratitude for our very fast service and personal approach.

Possible on a tight schedule

Scaffolding rental is possible on a tight schedule

Scaffolding can be retrieved for your worksite from our sales warehouse located in Nurmijärvi, where we have an extensive selection of ALFIX scaffolding. For this reason, scaffolding rental can be done very quickly.

As an official importer for ALFIX scaffolding, we are able to get material straight from German factories for any worksites. The support of the German factory gives us certain benefits: we can receive shipments faster than competitors, provide useful training courses and help with cost calculations.