Purchase reliable scaffolding for yourself

Durable ALFIX MODUL MULTI- scaffoldings are suitable especially for facade, industrial, repair and new building sites. We do not only sell scaffolding, we are committed to finding the best solutions for you. We will design and build scaffolding to best suit your project.

Why purchase?

  • Usually, buying is a better option when there is a constant need for products or if the duration of the worksite is longer.
  • Owned products can help in the pricing of contracts.
  • ALFIX-scaffolding can be assembled with products from other manufacturers.
  • A wide range of easy-to-use scaffolding and weather protection.
  • Finland’s largest scaffolding sales warehouse serves you year-round.i
  • When buying straight from the official importer of ALFIX, you do not have to depend on the delivery times of other suppliers.
  • Suomi Teline and ALFIX provide all the needed training courses and guidance from asset management to designing and assembling the scaffolding.
Scaffolding need assessment

We offer scaffolding need assessment – free of charge!

We want to serve you as best we can. Careful planning ensures not only cost efficiency but also the safe use of the scaffolding.