Services and products

Our goal is to be the most customer-friendly scaffolding provider in Finland

The customers´ needs, scaffold safety and quality, as well as the all-encompassing functionality of our services play key roles in Suomi Teline. We provide scaffold turnkey services; we will professionally handle the assembly and dismantling of all facade scaffolding and weather protection.

Our customers have relayed their gratitude for our very fast service and personal approach.

Your project – from paper maps to the cloud

Our digital tools – Avontus’s design software, E-Sense’s scaffold tracking, and Kotopro’s online solutions ensure accurate documentation and minimize delays on site. Let us know about your project, scaffolding needs and schedule; and our professional staff will create an optimized plan and cost-calculation for scaffolding and/or weather protection.

Maximized work safety

Scaffold safety is important for those working in high places. Careful planning, correct assembly and sufficient protection ensure a safe work environment. A carefully weather-protected work environment ensures that work can continue safely without interruption. Unobstructed and safe access-routes are always considered during planning.

We offer scaffolding need assessment – free of charge!

We offer exact and optimized scaffold designs free of charge. With us, the designing, managing, and monitoring of the whole project is easy. No cost-leakage is caused by inaccurate monitoring or over/under supplying material and equipment. See here for more.

Need assessment

We offer scaffolding need assessment – free of charge!

We want to serve you as best we can. Careful planning ensures not only cost efficiency but also the safe use of the scaffolding.

Scaffolding need assessment includes:

Initial mapping

We will do a thorough review of the project and inspection of the site.


We will plan out the scaffolding, tools, and weather protection needed for the project.


We will draw out a more detailed design of the project to quickly find out the exact amounts of scaffolding needed.

Cost calculation

We will provide you with a cost statement and keep you informed of the project’s progress throughout the process.