Suomi Teline ALFIX sales warehouse is set up for the spring

The largest scaffolding sales warehouse in Finland is located at the Suomi Teline premises in Nurmijärvi. Our warehouse selection includes high-quality scaffolding systems and products for the industry as well as for the building facades. The key strengths of the German made ALFIX scaffolding products are their adaptability and versatility: they can easily be assembled to the products of other manufacturers.

The best product selection is designed together with the customers

We carry a wide selection of products in our sales warehouse. The product line is built in active co-operation with our customers. This ensures that the exact products that our customers need are always available. We receive a new shipment each week and the up-to-date inventory can be seen by our customers on Suomi Teline’s website.

The warehouse inventory is focused on the base products such as standards, tube ledgers, steel decks, vertical diagonals. We provide also a lot of special products and parts such as lattice girders, frame scaffoldings, brackets, couplers and aluminium stairways. This spring we offer pallets at a special price.

Scaffolding products even on the same day

Our strenght is speed. Our customers can pick up the products even on the same day from our sales warehouse. We would kindly ask you to inform us in advance of arriving to the warehouse in order to be able to provide the best, most suitable and tailored service to each customer.

When ordering scaffolding products it’s important to make sure the delivery times match the construction schedule in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the project. The factory package sizes can be delivered faster, which is good to keep in mind when making the order.

Delivery method will always be agreed together with the supplier. We deliver products with our own fleet to the nearby areas, and for longer distances we use external carriers. In case the customer picks up the products, please check the opening hours of our warehouse and the capacity of your trucks.

We offer cost-efficient scaffolding products that fulfill all safety regulations

When working at high and demanding circumstances, the safety matters are pushed on their limits. The scaffolding systems and their use are dictated by laws and regulations, and for that the use and installation instructions of the manufacturer should always be followed. The safety should never be compromised by using less products than needed. Suomi Teline sales warehouse provides cost-efficient scaffolding products that fulfill all safety regulations. We will help you find the best solutions, where the price and delivery times are according to your needs.

You are most welcome to visit our sales warehouse!

Jere Sieppo
Jere Sieppo is a sales director at Suomi Teline. He started in this position in January 2020.