Suomi Teline invests in corona safety measures

Suomi Teline invests in corona safety measures and strives to protect the health of both of its customers and employees. At its weekly Teams meeting, the company’s management reviews the effects of the corona virus on construction sites. We provide our employees with constantly updated information on corona safety measures so that each employee knows how to operate on each construction site. The flow of information is essential during a pandemic.

The health and safety of our employees and customers is a matter of honor for us. Scaffolding installers aim to arrive on construction sites in work attire to minimize the time spent in break rooms and locker rooms. Workers’ lunch breaks are also staggered at construction sites. Especially on large construction sites, there are a lot of professionals working in different fields. During the corona pandemic, each occupational group uses the break room at allocated times. Also, all unnecessary lounging in the break rooms is avoided. As part of our corona safety measures, we have also paid attention to the way our workers commute: Only scaffolding installers working on the same construction site can travel in the same car.

Our employees wear face masks or visors both indoors and outdoors. Exceptions are made when working alone on a rack and safe distances can be kept. Fogged up goggles and visors in the cold outdoors when wearing a mask has sometimes been a challenge on construction sites. Frosted goggles cannot be worn while working on racks because it is a safety risk and can lead to serious accidents therefore Suomi Teline has switched to a new goggle model with an anti-fog film.

Our employees strive to limit all non-essential social contacts during working hours. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The safety of employees is threatened, for example, when residents walking without a mask want to discuss with scaffolding installers in the stairwell or, for example, directly from their own balconies.

Although we meet our customers even less face-to-face these days, we keep close contact with both customers and suppliers remotely. We also want to serve our customers in the best possible way during these corona times to ensure the work continues in a safe and timely manner. We are committed to finding the best solutions and both designing and building scaffolding to match the nature of each individual project. Even in the face of a pandemic, we proudly stand behind occupational safety and high quality.

Ahto Pärtma
Ahto Pärtma is the business director of Suomi Teline and a shareholder in the company.