Weather protection rental

Rent reliable weather protection

A high-quality, temporary, roof weather protection increases the safety of the work environment and ensures the structure stays untouched by bad weather and the challenges posed by the four seasons. Our long experience in the design and installation of weather protection guarantees a reliable outcome for your site with a turnkey service.

Versatile and durable choice

German-made ALFIX VARIO weather protection can be assembled to almost any scaffolding system. Lightweight, easy-to-handle parts and almost completely screwless joints made of aluminum make installation and transport very quick, easy and economical.

ALFIX VARIO weather protection roof

Need assessment

We offer scaffolding need assessment – free of charge!

We want to serve you as best we can. Careful planning ensures not only cost efficiency but also the safe use of the scaffolding.

Scaffolding need assessment includes:

Initial mapping

We will do a thorough review of the project and inspection of the site.


We will plan out the scaffolding, tools, and weather protection needed for the project.


We will draw out a more detailed design of the project to quickly find out the exact amounts of scaffolding needed.

Cost calculation

We will provide you with a cost statement and keep you informed of the project’s progress throughout the process.