Security and profitability are good reasons to buy scaffolding

Easy, reliable and flexible – these are some of the real benefits when you buy your scaffolding to own. By choosing Suomi Teline, you get not only scaffolding but a skilled and trustworthy partner who helps you plan how to use it. Suomi Teline offers you the reliability only an importer can with ALFIX scaffolding.

If your work always requires scaffolding, you should consider whether it would be better to own some instead of renting. When scaffolding is needed repeatedly or for a long time, owning is purely beneficial both in terms of cost and planning.

“Considering the resale market and prices of used scaffolding, as well as their future utility, buying can be more profitable than renting. If your worksite stays much the same for two years, for example, buying your scaffolding may be more profitable overall,” says Jere Sieppo, director of sales at Suomi Teline.

Scaffolding has a useful life in the tens of years and there is an active resale market.

“The economical life cycle of scaffolding is 15 years with straight-line depreciation, but their technical service life is up to 20 or even 40 years,” Sieppo says.

The ALFIX scaffolding imported by Suomi Teline is suitable for any type of work that requires scaffolding or weather protection. Suomi Teline keeps an extensive sales inventory in Finland and maintains an active relationship with the European manufacturer – you are never left hanging.
For its partners, Suomi Teline offers a comprehensive design and planning service for customer needs from drawings to strength calculations and equipment use optimisation.

“We aim to do more than dump a truckload of parts at the customer’s feet, potentially leaving them to figure things out on their own. We do act as a supplier, but we are first and foremost a partner in all things,” Sieppo promises.

Benefits of buying scaffolding from Suomi Teline

1. You secure availability. Scaffolding firms may be fully booked, especially in the busy summer season. Pricing is usually rough when renting in bulk, and the availability of rentable equipment is limited.
2. You get tailor-made scaffolding and can modify it as needed. You decide your equipment and how to use it. Customers who buy scaffolding also have the option to rent from Suomi Teline. If you find yourself working at different sites, but prefer not to buy more scaffolding, you can rent whatever extras you need.
3. Your prices are more flexible. External services have fixed prices, a fixed cost. When you own your scaffolding, you have more room to adjust your contract pricing.
4. Your schedules are your own. In supply contracts, it is possible that the scaffolding supplier requires you to return the scaffolding immediately at the end of the contract, even though this is rarely done. When you own your scaffolding, you can rest easy and readjust schedules more freely.

With an expert scaffolding supplier, you can get exactly the scaffolding you need and specify. Suomi Teline experts will work with you to find you the best choice for your work. Find out more about our services here.

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