Suomi Teline and Kiwa Inspecta have created occupational safety training for scaffolding users

Suomi Teline and Kiwa Inspecta have created occupational safety training for scaffolding users.

In Finland alone, about 10,000 work-related accidents occur at construction sites every year. More than half of these accidents are caused by hazardous work environments, such as temporary work platforms and access routes. Occupational safety on construction sites is weakened by the simple fact that there is no safety training specifically for users of the scaffolding. In recent years, the construction industry has invested heavily in the construction of high-quality scaffolding. However, the training of scaffolding users has been neglected.

One example of a reason why so many accidents takes place on scaffolding is if the users are unaware of how much weight and strain the scaffolding can take. In some construction sites, scaffolding is recklessly used for the storage of goods, which is strictly prohibited and especially dangerous for facades in urban environments. It’s about time scaffolding users learn how to operate and work on scaffolding safely.

Suomi Teline, together with Kiwa Inspecta, has created the Scaffolding Safety Online Training for scaffolding users. The training takes place online and can be done wherever, whenever, and at your own pace. With this online course you can educate all your scaffolding users with ease. The course ends with an exam, which tests the knowledge of your worker and, based on the result, grants a Scaffolding Work Card which is valid for 5 years at a time. Scaffolding Safety Online Training is recommended for everyone who does construction work on scaffolding and for anyone visiting construction sites.

A practical training package

Suomi Teline’s Scaffolding Work Safety Online Training is very practical. The training covers the dangers of working with scaffolding and how to prevent them. The course begins with an introduction to the different types of scaffolding and continues with everything from assembling scaffolds to working on them and even being rescued from on top the scaffolding. The scaffolding safety online training also covers any questions regarding hierarchy on site and who to report to in different situations.

Scaffolding work is classified as high-risk work. The most serious work accidents happen when a worker falls from the scaffolds or ladders. Every day in Europe, one person dies from falling while working in a high place. This easy-to-learn training package built for scaffolding users is what you need. Once the whole package has been adopted, working on scaffolding is safe.

This online course is cost-effective for the employer

The employer, by law, must make sure the scaffolding workers and users have been well orientated. The scaffolding safety online training created by Suomi Teline and Kiwa Inspecta is very cost-effective for the employer. The most significant savings comes from work place accidents being avoided. One accident at work costs the employer an average of 6,000 euros. In hindsight, the online course will save the company time, travel expenses, daily allowances, lunch expenses, and the costs of organizing training events. The level of the quality of the education does not waver. The final exam tests the real skills of each participant, and this way the employer can be sure that the statutory entirety has actually been learned.

Feel free to register for the Scaffolding Safety Online Training. You can register via this link.

Peter Korhonen
Peter Korhonen is the CEO of Suomi Teline. Peter has been in the scaffolding business for more than twenty years.