The smooth logistics of the warehouse of Suomi Teline is created through cooperation

From the warehouse of Suomi Teline the scaffolding moves most smoothly to and from each construction site, knowing what kind of scaffolding is needed on which schedule and what the conditions of each construction site are where they will be delivered. It is helpful for the customer to inform about any changes immediately so that the goods can be delivered to the destination on the exact time.

High-quality pre-planning brings the right goods to the construction site

A lot of pre-planning is needed to get the necessary scaffolding to the site on schedule. Foremen first visit in order to map the site and its needs. Measuring the site is essential so that no extra goods end up on the site. This is especially important in densely built-up city centres, where rack cages used to transport scaffolding cannot be left around. For example, school sites usually have plenty of space and goods can be brought in at once. Instead, to cramped downtown locations, goods can only be brought in small batches because there is no space where large quantities of scaffolding can be stored before they are built on site.

The warehouse needs to know where the work starts at the construction site

When packing the racks, the assembler must all the time consider the order in which the parts will be used on site. It is therefore important for the client to tell where the work starts at the site. If the building is not symmetrical, a lot of extra parts are often needed, and the starting piece shall not be at the bottom of the pile. If the plans change on site, the Suomi Teline office should be notified immediately so that the racks can be packed in the correct order at the warehouse. In this case, for example, the goods do not have to be carried unreasonably at the destination, and the wrong goods are not transported to cramped destinations first when not everything can be transported at once.

How fast can goods be received if plans change on site?

The weight of the goods determines how much goods can be packed in the transport truck. There may be space in the car, but scaffolding cannot be packed any more due to weight. If the plans change at the construction site, and more or different parts are needed, the goods can be delivered quickly, especially to the construction sites in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Once the required goods are known, they are collected at the warehouse in about an hour. It takes about half an hour to pack the car. In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the goods are then delivered to the destination in just over two hours. Delivery is also speeded up by the fact that there is no need to order a separate crane for the construction site, as the transport vehicle has a Hiab loader crane that unloads the load at the site.

Suomi Teline is currently further electronicising the monitoring of its rental equipment in order to know even more right on time what kind of goods are being released from each construction site and on what schedule. Sometimes goods can already now be moved directly from one construction site to another on the same day.


Jere Högbacka
Jere Högbacka is the warehouse manager of Suomi Teline.