Financial flexibility for scaffolding purchases by utilizing installment payments and rentals

When purchasing scaffolding, instead of a one-time investment, you can also choose installment payments or rentals. The financing solutions offered by Suomi Teline provide the opportunity to acquire high-quality scaffolding while saving on cash.

With the current global situation putting a strain on construction companies, more and more businesses are struggling with financial difficulties, making investments challenging. At the same time, there is a constant need for acquisitions, such as scaffolding, to ensure projects are completed.

CEO and entrepreneur Peter Korhonen from Suomi Teline recognizes the plight of companies and wants to now offer alternatives that enable the acquisition of scaffolding without compromising on quality. Korhonen oversees the company’s scaffolding sales and has extensive experience in the import, sale, and rental of ALFIX scaffolding.

ALFIX has been active in the industry since 1947 and is one of the largest German suppliers, making it the professional’s choice for everyday construction.

Flexible financing solutions help keep your company’s cash flow healthy

The availability of financing options makes it possible to acquire scaffolding without adversely affecting the company’s finances. Peter Korhonen explains that in addition to a one-time investment, financing options for purchasing scaffolding can also include installment payments. Renting scaffolding is a good option, especially for project-based needs.

The flexible financing model also allows for the acquisition of larger quantities of scaffolding and the distribution of costs over several years.

Installment payment is a flexible financing option

The concept of purchasing scaffolding on installment is a familiar practice abroad but still relatively unknown in Finland for acquiring scaffolding. Suomi Teline wants to facilitate the acquisition of scaffolding by introducing this concept more broadly in Finland.

“We are easing the financing challenges of purchases with the financial assistance of the ALFIX group. The service has already been somewhat standard among our regular customers, but now we want to open up the opportunity for others to acquire scaffolding without their cash flow suffering,” Korhonen summarises the benefits of installment payments.

How and on what terms does an installment payment work?

“The financing packages supported by the ALFIX group are for durations of 1-3 years,” explains Korhonen, and specifies that the financing terms vary depending on the customer, the financing period, and other details.

“Our financing model is flexible. The financing solution and its terms are always agreed upon on a case-by-case basis,” Korhonen states, urging to contact him directly to explore individual needs and financing options.

When should you choose installment payments?

Installment payments can be a viable solution for both permanent and project-based needs. It is also possible to acquire larger quantities of scaffolding on installment.

Korhonen also has personal experience with using installment payments for company acquisitions.

“When I started the operations of Suomi Teline, I used the installment payment service from ALFIX myself. At that time, it wasn’t possible to rent the products, as the transportation costs from ALFIX in Germany would have been too high,” Korhonen shares, noting that if it had been possible to combine installment payments and rental at the time, it would have been the optimal financing solution for the situation.

What are the benefits of installment payments?

According to Korhonen, the absolute advantages of installment payments are the distribution of costs over a longer period instead of a one-time investment, and the flexibility of the service – it adapts to the needs of the business. You can easily and effortlessly get access to the high-quality products you need.

Korhonen also highlights the service’s benefits, including that the decision on installment payments can be made very quickly compared to other providers. Obtaining financing can also be easier than from financial institutions or banks.

“Our financing solution is more flexible than the solutions offered by traditional financial institutions or banks. The scaffolding material itself primarily serves as collateral with us,” Korhonen states, clarifying further that “Banks do not accept scaffolding as collateral, but we do.”

Renting scaffolding is particularly suitable for project-based needs

Korhonen encapsulates the difference in the purposes of using installment payments and rentals by stating that for peak demand, scaffolding is rented, but for longer-term needs, scaffolding is bought on installment. Scaffolding rental is indeed a good option for project-based needs, for both short- and long-term projects. Explore the rental of ALFIX scaffolding in more detail.

“To smooth out peak demands, renting is a highly recommended way of acquiring scaffolding,” Korhonen promotes.

A personalized financing solution for your business needs

Whether your need is for project rental or a larger one-time purchase of scaffolding, Suomi Teline offers financing options that fit. You can assemble a combination that suits your business, from one-time investments and financing to rentals.

“Buy scaffolding on installment for long-term use, and rent what you need for short-term use,” Korhonen opens up about the service’s possibilities and finally gives a concrete example of using the service:

“A typical example could be that a scaffolding company buys products worth for example 200,000 euros, but they say they would need more. However, the cash flow cannot support it, nor can they get more loans from the bank. In these cases, I recommend to the customer to buy what you can and rent the rest.”

Would you also like to take advantage of our financing solution for scaffolding acquisition? Contact Peter Korhonen for more information.